This evening’s session was held at 7pm in the Naperville Municipal Center and was attended by 25 residents. Clare Scott, Vice President of Marketing for Ryan Companies, facilitated the session and was joined by two additional staff members from Ryan as well as Amy Emery from the City of Naperville.

A significant amount of time was spent discussing the commuter experience including the current capacity of the train given that 5th Avenue Station is the 2nd busiest stop within the Metra network. Some residents expressed concerns that adding parking or housing to the development would only worsen the already undesirable commuter experience.

Residents also shared their sentiments regarding the development’s design. Improving walkability and expanding upon the historical feel of the Kroehler building were popular recommendations.

Nov 15 Group Input Session Meeting Recap

This meeting recap reflects the public input from the November 15 Group Input Session only and was not edited in any way. They are, to the best of our ability, a capture of all of the comments made during the session. Attendees were given an opportunity to provide corrections or additions to the notes before being posted. The goal of these meetings is to obtain qualitative information and context about the key issues for residents and other stakeholders, and not to be used to work towards a consensus or solution at this stage. Other means, such as surveys, will be used to obtain quantitative data from which to gather and compare a large number of responses in a consistent and statistically valid way.